Hydrogen for better health

Do you know that hydrogen gas is a very useful substance to help the body to stay healthy?

The Science

01-Hydrogen-TileIn 2007, a groundbreaking paper titled “Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals” was published by a group Japanese scientists, Ohsawa el al, in Natural Medicine. Through cultured cells and animal studies, the researchers found that hydrogen gas has antioxidant property and can selectively reduce the most toxic free radical, i.e. Hydroxyl, in tissues [1].

This exciting new discovery has sparked off a tremendous interest in the research community. Since then, the beneficial biological effects of hydrogen gas on many diseases and human physiological states have been confirmed by publications in numerous top scientific journals [2]. So far, the reported beneficial effects include anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, cell protection (cytoprotective), and suppression of certain pathway in the body to reduce the generation of free radical.   Among the many diseases that can be benefited from the use of hydrogen therapy includes: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases, kidney diseases (nephritis and nephritic syndrome), diabetes mellitus, influenza and pneumonia, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and the list goes on [2][3].

Researchers also find that hydrogen has many advantages. Firstly, it is the lightest chemical element that can rapidly diffuse into the cells, penetrating cell membranes. Secondly, there is no toxicity even in high concentration. Thirdly, it does not react with “good” free radical such as H2O2 that can be useful in the body. Therefore, hydrogen is touted to have tremendous potential in preventive and therapeutic application in medicine.

How to ingest hydrogen?

Ok. Hydrogen is great; but how can we use hydrogen in daily life to achieve better health? Three methods are mentioned in the literature [3]:

  1. Inhalation of hydrogen gas
  2. Injection of hydrogen saline
  3. Drinking hydrogen water

Hydrogen gas_0Obviously, the third method of drinking hydrogen water is the most practical method to be used in daily life. Therefore, we see a lot of water filter companies start to market water filtration systems that produce not only alkaline, but also hydrogenated water. However, these systems are often quite expensive, a single unit can cost up to thousands of dollars. Furthermore, hydrogen, being a gas, quickly dissipated from the water. Therefore, unless consumed immediately, the water generated from these systems will lose its hydrogen content in a short time.

Recovery HydroFX

recovery_large-webThere is now another way to get the benefit from hydrogen without having to invest in thousands of dollars. There is a new product called “Recovery HydroFX” from SevenPoint2, in the form of nutritional supplements. It is a proprietary blend of magnesium, calcium, and hydrogen. This unique formula allows the hydrogen to be released and diffuse in the digestive tract once ingested.  It is now a patent-pending formula.

I was first introduced to this product by Dr. Ranga Premaratna (Phd), a food and nutritional scientist based in Sydney. He has been conducting trials of using Recovery HydroFX on over 350 patients whose blood shows a high level of oxidative stress under high-resolution dark field microscopy (Hemaview, or Live blood analysis). The effect of molecular hydrogen on the red blood cells can be observed in a very short time after taking 2-4 tablets of Recovery HydroFX. On his website, there are video clips showing the before and after effects: red blood cells that are previously sticking together becoming free flowing and lively again [4]. It is quite incredible!

My Experience

I am sufficiently impressed by this product and willing to give it a try. I have been taking 1 tablet 3 times daily for over a week now. So far, I find that it helps to speed up the healing of crack lips and fissure.  As mentioned on my previous post, I was recovering from the outbreak of cold sores. I started taking Recovery HydroFX at the tail end of my outbreak while I still had a small crack at the edge of my mouth. Within three days, the crack was completely healed. While this may not entirely due to the taking of this product, but I believe it helped.

I am now encouraging friends and family to try this product out, eager to see how it works on people with different conditions. I will share more if there is any good result.

Let me know if you are interested to try.


Ok. Sevenpoint2 is a direct sales network marketing company. So, I have to join as a member to get the product, so I have vested interest here. For more information, visit the company website here.


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