My take on COVID-19 vaccination

I am not pro-vaccines as I believe there can potentially be long-term unknown effects. However, at this juncture of the global crisis, vaccination appears to be a pragmatic approach for the world to reduce the impact of COVID-19 eventually. Please do so as soon as you can to join the fight.

Blue light and health

Overexposure to blue light is a cause for increasing cataract and age-related macular degeneration in recent years, not to mention the negative consequences of circadian rhythm disruption. Learn to protect yourself from blue light with blue light filter, antioxidant nutrients, and good bedtime habits.

Check your stools, know your health

Keep tap of your bowel movement and stool type; they can tell you a lot about your health. Have at least one bowel movement a day since shorter transit time can reduce oxidative stress and prevent inflammation. Having constipation or diarrhea can be a warning sign for health. Simple lifestyle changes such as increase fibres in diet, exercise moderately and reduce stress can help.

Chronic inflammation and type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes develops due to long-term, low-grade inflammation. Sedentary lifestyles and an unhealthy diet can lead to accumulation of fat tissues, overstressing of pancreatic cells, and changes in the gut microbiota, all of which stimulates the cascading effects of inflammation. Over time, the cells before resistance to insulin which cause elevated blood glucose. So, lower inflammation and you will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Have a good laugh – It heals!

A good laugh improves blood oxygenation like aerobic exercise; it makes you relax and feels good, imbues you with positive emotions, dispels low moods, works like than a painkiller, and makes you feel supported. Let laughter open the door to your wellness journey!

Acupressure for sleep disturbances in old age

Acupressure is safe and easy to apply. It can help to improve sleep for old people. Two acupressure points that are useful to improve sleep quality are Shenmen (神门) and Neiguan (内关). It is also good to combine acupressure with essential oils, especially lavender.

Is vaccine the answer to the coronavirus pandemic?

The world is racing to find a suitable vaccine for SARS-COV-2 virus, but it is unrealistic to expect any vaccine can fully eradicate the COVID-19 soon, if not ever. It is essential to maintain a healthy body with a robust immune system, our natural protection against coronavirus.