Lifestyle treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea

Do you always feel tired, sleepy, and feeling irritable during the day? Do you wake up frequently at night, and your sleep is not refreshing, affecting your memory and concentration? …

Mindfulness in the time of COVID-19

Mindfulness can help to reduce stress, alleviate pain, enhance self-regulation, and promote mental wellbeing. The practice will be of great help to everyone during this challenging time when COVID-19 wreak havoc on earth, impacting not only the health but also the livelihoods of many people. Mindfulness practice can improve resilience for all to weather through this hardship and lead to a kinder and more helping society.

The world needs love, not fear

The world needs love more than fear, especially at a time like this. If we fill our minds with love and positive thoughts and direct them towards to world, collectively, we can help to ease this pandemic of fear.

Lifestyle tips for the prevention of bowel polyps

Lifestyle habits are linked to bowel polyps. Unhealthy diet, weight gain, cigarette smoking, and heavy alcohol drinking are all modifiable risk factor for bowel polyps. Make these lifestyle changes to lower the risk of developing bowel polyps.

Is it possible to heal with coloured lights?

I was asked to comment about the healing properties of coloured lights. Even though I have seen how coloured-light therapy was used, this is an area that I am not …

Follow your body’s daily cycle for good health

The body operates optimally when the internal clock is in sync with the external environment. Disruption of circadian rhythms can lead to many modern diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is wise to maintain a lifestyle in harmony with the body’s natural rhythms.

Time perception, well-being, and mindfulness

The perception of time is subjective. Time seems to pass more rapidly as we grow older. In sickness or pain, the time perception is distorted. Mindfulness practice allows one be at the present moment. subjective perception of time is altered with the moment to moment awareness. We may be in pain or feel sad, but with mindfulness, we will be able to “get out of” the pain or emotional turmoil and focus on the positive aspect of life.

Nature cure – Harnessing the self-healing power of the body

The body heals itself. Obviously, without such ability, we will not be able to recover from any injury or infection. The self-healing ability of the body is the basis of …

Let the Earth be your healer

“Go to any park, take off your shoes and walk barefooted on the grass for at least 10 to 20 min daily,” This is what I suggest to almost every …

The healing power of nature

As a naturopath, I often advise my patients, especially cancer patients, to make exercising outdoors in a park or anywhere with greenery as a daily routine. In this way, they …