Hear what other patients are saying….

Koh Gau, 65, Post-cholecystectomy care

From Erica Lee, daughter of Mdm Koh Gau:

My mom was admitted to the ICU in hospital on January 10, 2016 for acute pain in her abdomen. It turned out that her gall bladder was inflamed and she was operated on the next day. She remained in HDU for a number of days and upon full recovery, her liver function test for the next three months consistently showed her ALT and AST remained elevated. (Quoting the internet, AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT) are reasonably sensitive indicators of liver damage or injury from different types of diseases or conditions, and collectively they are termed liver tests or liver blood tests). She was not prescribed any medication during this time as the doctor wanted to monitor if the levels will reduce by itself.

I discussed with Soo Liang and brought her in for a consultation on 18 May 2016. During the detailed consultation, he gave my mother a Zinc Tally test, and eventually prescribed her Zinc tablets and liquid herb. She also followed the diet that Soo Liang recommended, taking more nuts etc. Her liver function test taken the following week 24 May 2016 showed her AST and ALT have dropped although still high. She continued with the natural remedy for another cycle and her liver function test results came back normal by 16 August 2016!

My mom has gained great confidence in complementary medicine and is now more careful with her diet after hearing from Soo Liang. In fact she shares her experience with her friends and we both highly recommend a visit!

Adrian Lim, 38, Cancer

thank-you-227344_1280During my cancer treatment, Soo Liang’s advice was absolutely invaluable in ensuring that the side effects from my chemotherapy and associated drugs were minimised. Soo Liang’s compassionate and considered approach allowed for a very tailored regimen, which was adapted well to my changing needs during and post my treatment. The natural herbs and remedies which Soo Liang prescribed was very effective and a welcome relief in the midst of all the hard drugs from my intensive 3 month chemo regime. I greatly appreciated Soo Liang’s kind and caring manner, and his passion for wanting to achieve the best outcome for his patients.

Vyonne Ooi, 48, Lupus (SLE)

When I was diagnosed with SLE 3 years, it was a blessing that I had Mr. Ooi to support me during my difficult times. Based on my condition, he gave me a diet plan derived all from natural foods and some supplements with natural ingredients. I was advised what type of food to avoid. I was also advised to change my lifestyle, start exercising, and learn to treasure my life.  Today, I am on minimal medication and able to enjoy my involvement in social works. Praise God for all the natural resources that He has given, and thankful to Soo Liang for guiding me back through natural treatment.

Karen Kew, 60, Diabetes Type II

Thank you so much for being there for me when I wasn’t well. Now I am much better, feeling good and happy. I have learnt to eat healthily and takes regular walks. You are an exemplary practitioner, very disciplined and knowledgeable. Appreciate your consistency and dedication. Always dispensing practical solutions in all aspects. Your concern and care cause one not to be able to be careless and negligent of one’s health. May you be able to help more people.