E-consultation via Zoom conferencing

The service of a naturopath is essentially time-based. The following is the standard rates for all the e-consultation sessions:

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Session,Time (Min),Rate (SGD)
Initial assessment,30-60*,$90-$180
Follow-up review,15-30,$45-$90

Senior citizens (age >=60) enjoy 10% discount on consultation fees
*Any consultation in excess of 60min will be charged at the rate of $30 per 10min block

Naturopathic prescription

Each patient may be prescribed with herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, or flower essences to address his or her conditions, in addition to the dietary and lifestyles advice given during the consultation session. Only high quality, high potency, practitioner-only products from reputable companies will be prescribed for the benefit of the patients. The pricing of the consultation sessions listed above does not include the price of these products.

Prescribed products will be delivered to your home directly. There will be an additional SGD 5 fee for island-wide delivery in Singapore. International shipping rate will be quoted separately.