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Pap smear, HPV, and natural approach to prevent cervical cancer

I received an email from a friend who became worried after getting an “abnormal” Pap smear screening result. It can be a fearful moment reading report show medical terms such as “low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion”. What does it mean? What is the risk of having cervical cancer? These are questions one will naturally ask. […]

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Soy is GOOD for Breast Cancer Patients

Many breast cancer patients were advised by their oncologist to avoid soy foods and products. This has severely restricted the sources of protein for anyone who is considering a plant-based diet. A barrier towards a wholesome health promoting diet. Is such advice valid? Actually, it is not. When my wife was undergoing her cancer treatment […]

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Fermented rice bran helps to fight cancer

Introduction Rice is the staple food for half of the world population. It is being consumed regularly worldwide, especially in East and South Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the West Indies, contributing to one fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by the human [1]. However, rice is mostly consumed in the form of […]