Loving-kindness for heart health

I am glad to learn that the practice of loving-kindness meditation is now being promoted by the American Heart Association (AHA) as a healthy lifestyle to reduce bias, anger, depression, and anxiety. In the infographic published by AHA online [1] (you can download it from here), loving-kindness meditation is presented as a way to direct kindness and love from oneself to others. The visual illustrations show the expansion a circle of compassion gradually in six steps: yourself, family and friends, someone neutral, someone difficult, group of people, and everyone. The advice is to start with just a few minutes and then extend the time.

Radiating loving-kindness invokes posiive emotions.

Its promotion by AHA is a clear sign that loving-kindness meditation has become mainstream. Not surprisingly, as there have been a lot of scientific studies into the benefits of meditation in general, and loving-kindness meditation, in particular. AHA published a scientific statement on meditation in 2017, supporting its use of as an add-on to the established guidelines, especially for those who are interested in lifestyle modification to reduce cardiovascular risk [2].  

Loving-kindness meditation opens heart!

How do the thoughts of loving-kindness improve heart health? Research has shown that such practice can affect and permanently change the emotional processing circuits of the brain [2], making one becoming more focus and imbuing with positive emotions [3]. Positive emotions include feelings of love, appreciation, joy, and freedom are known to improve emotional well-being [4]. Positive emotions also help to reduce pain [5] and overcome stress, depression and anxiety [6], all of which are known to be associated with worsening of cardiovascular diseases [7]. Furthermore, newer studies also showing that practising loving-kindness medication can slow the ageing process [9,10].

Truly, loving-kindness opens the heart and strengthens the mind and body. May all be well and happy!

May all be well and happy!


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