Living a healthier life in Singapore

Welcome to HealthyLivingSG ! My name is Soo Liang.

Thank you for dropping by. No matter how you find out about this blog, we definitely share a common interest, i.e., how to keep ourselves healthy while living in this modern, buzzling, and unfortunately, stressful city of Singapore.

This blog is the space where I wish to  share with everyone the bits and pieces of information, knowledge, and experiences that I have gathered and learned on my continuing journey to live a healthier life.

“More people die because of the way they eat than by tobacco use, accidents or any other lifestyle or environment factors.”

– Prof. T. Colin Campbell, Author of ‘The China Study’

Most of my blog post will likely to be on diets and nutrients. This is an area that interests me the most and a fair bit of changes in my own lifestyle had been made.

I will tell more about my changes in the coming posts…. Stay tune!

Soo Liang

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