Living with COVID-19

Lockdown and travel restrictions will soon end with the world living with COVID-19 in endemic mode. It is time to strengthen the immune system, even if you have been vaccinated. Consider adding medicinal mushrooms, spices, antioxidant-rich foods, probiotics and prebiotics to the diet. They can help reduce the chance of having more severe complications in any infections.

Nature care for hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism – herbal medicine can restore sub-optimal thyroid function. A healthy diet rich in whole grains, sea vegetables, nuts and seeds can be helpful. Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight is also vital to improve hypothyroidism.

Quinoa – A healthier whole-grain

Quinoa is growing in popularity, and you can easily find it in your local supermarkets these days. It is easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and goes well with many different types of cooking. Most importantly, it has many amazing nutritional and functional properties that are good for health. Here is a brief introduction to this unique whole grain.

My mom’s brown rice yam cake recipe

Diabetes is now a major health problem worldwide. In Singapore, fighting diabetes is now the most prominent government health policy, as mentioned by the Prime Minister in his recent National …

Nine types of cancer-fighting greens

Higher intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is known to reduce the risk of cancer with available evidence from more than thirty years of research [1]. Green vegetables, particularly, are …