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Five plant-based supplements for managing cholesterol levels

A friend lost her father recently in his sleep. A sudden heart attack was the determined cause of death. A silent killer indeed. However, this is not uncommon. Sixteen people die from heart disease or stroke every day. Nearly 1 in every 3 deaths in Singapore is due to heart disease or stroke according to […]

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Make your blood thin, it can save your life

High blood pressure, elevated LDL cholesterol, low HDL, type-II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, smoking, age, and male gender; What comes to mind when these risk factors for health are mentioned? Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), such as Heart diseases and stroke, of course! However, there is one major CVD risk factor is linked to all the other […]

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Natto – a powerful super food

Have you tasted natto before? It is the gooey, sticky, and stinky fermented soybeans found in Japanese cuisine. A traditional food made from cooked soybeans fermented with the Bacillus subtilis natto starter, natto has been served in Japanese household for breakfast for thousands of years [1]. Natto is not particularly appealing in look, and it […]

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Iron deficiency anaemia and vegetarian diet

Iron is an essential nutrient that the human body cannot do without. It is needed by the body to synthesize haemoglobin (red blood cell) as well as myoglobin (iron-binding protein in muscle) which are important proteins for cells respiration and energy production [1]. Deficiency in iron can lead to anaemia, i.e. insufficient haemoglobin concentration in […]

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Silicon builds strong bones

Public awareness of osteoporosis has increased over the years. Many people are now aware that calcium is the essential nutrient for building strong bone and vitamin D is needed for better absorption of calcium from the diet. However, bones are not only built from calcium. Healthy bones also depend on many other essential nutrients including […]

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Soy is GOOD for Breast Cancer Patients

Many breast cancer patients were advised by their oncologist to avoid soy foods and products. This has severely restricted the sources of protein for anyone who is considering a plant-based diet. A barrier towards a wholesome health promoting diet. Is such advice valid? Actually, it is not. When my wife was undergoing her cancer treatment […]

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Don’t keep beans out of your diet!

I have met quite a number of people, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, who try to avoid eating beans, lentils and their derived products such as tofu and tempeh. While a handful of them do have genuine medical conditions, such as phenylketonuria, and were advised to reduce their consumption of beans and lentils; a majority of […]