Living with COVID-19

Lockdown and travel restrictions will soon end with the world living with COVID-19 in endemic mode. It is time to strengthen the immune system, even if you have been vaccinated. Consider adding medicinal mushrooms, spices, antioxidant-rich foods, probiotics and prebiotics to the diet. They can help reduce the chance of having more severe complications in any infections.

Making my own water kefir drinks

It is easy to make water kefir drink at home. The process is straightforward, and the cost is low, and its benefits can be experienced immediately. I will recommend it; everyone can do it at home.

Nutritional supplements for COVID-19

Nutritional supplements can play a crucial supporting role in preventing and treating COVID-19. Vitamin D, vitamin C, as well as pre- and probiotics are known examples that have been used in practice to support COVID-19 treatment.

Kombucha and its potential health benefits

Kombucha is a health drink made from fermented black tea. Due to its high antioxidant and probiotics content, kombucha can be potentially beneficial for many health conditions, including diabetes mellitus, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, anaemia, liver dysfunction, neurodegenerative diseases, lung conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, and cancer. Enjoy!

Natural treatment for autism

I received an enquiry to suggest any suitable nutritional supplement for a child with Asperger syndrome, a type of neurodevelopment disorder classified within the spectrum of autism. What is autism? …

Natto – a powerful super food

Have you tasted natto before? It is the gooey, sticky, and stinky fermented soybeans found in Japanese cuisine. A traditional food made from cooked soybeans fermented with the Bacillus subtilis …

Healing eczema

Eczema, or Atopic dermatitis, is a chronic or recurring inflammatory skin disease that affects both children and adults. It usually begins in childhood and can last until adulthood, or even …