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Iron deficiency anaemia and vegetarian diet

Iron is an essential nutrient that the human body cannot do without. It is needed by the body to synthesize haemoglobin (red blood cell) as well as myoglobin (iron-binding protein in muscle) which are important proteins for cells respiration and energy production [1]. Deficiency in iron can lead to anaemia, i.e. insufficient haemoglobin concentration in […]

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Complete proteins from plant-based sources

The most commonly known sources of proteins for vegetarians, especially for vegans who avoid all animal-based foods, including eggs and dairy, are legumes like beans and peas. However, legumes are not the sole source of proteins for vegans. Vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds are all important sources as well. In fact, it is important for […]

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Zinc – The element of good health

Are you feeling tired, low mood, loss of appetite, indigestion, and catch a cold easily? Chances are, your body may be low in zinc. Zinc is such a critical element in human health that even a small deficiency can have a detrimental effect. Lack of zinc can lead to a wide range of nonspecific symptoms […]

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Soy is GOOD for Breast Cancer Patients

Many breast cancer patients were advised by their oncologist to avoid soy foods and products. This has severely restricted the sources of protein for anyone who is considering a plant-based diet. A barrier towards a wholesome health promoting diet. Is such advice valid? Actually, it is not. When my wife was undergoing her cancer treatment […]

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Don’t keep beans out of your diet!

I have met quite a number of people, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, who try to avoid eating beans, lentils and their derived products such as tofu and tempeh. While a handful of them do have genuine medical conditions, such as phenylketonuria, and were advised to reduce their consumption of beans and lentils; a majority of […]

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Making my own Taugeh (mung bean sprouts)

Let’s talk about sprouting again; this time I am going to talk about Taugeh (豆芽, mung bean sprouts). Well, Taugeh is definitely one of the most commonly used ingredients that you can find in the hawker stalls everywhere in Malaysia, Singapore, and even Thailand. It goes well with all the noodle dishes like fried bee […]