Personal Consultation

Come for a one-to-one consultation within a clinical setting. You can choose to undergo the following sessions:

Initial assessment (30-45 min)

This is an overall assessment of your current health condition covering your presenting signs and symptoms, nail, tongue, and iris signs, past medical history, family history, dietary habit, sleep pattern, bowel movement, stress level, and lifestyles. Additional tests such as blood pressure, blood glucose, and zinc tally may be carried out if necessary. The objective of this assessment is to gain a holistic understanding of your current health status in order to recommend appropriate remedies, diet, and lifestyles modifications to treat your body as a whole.


Follow-up review (15min)

Clients are advised to return after 2 to 3 weeks for a review after the initial assessment to track progress of their conditions. Depending on the complexity of the conditions and the comprehensiveness of the initial consultation, the time needed for a review session may vary.


Emotional healing session with flower essences (30min)

Southern Cross Mount LindesayWhile naturopathic health assessment focuses on understanding your overall physical conditions, issues of your emotional and mental health can be addressed within this session. You will be seated comfortably in a recline armchair, made completely relax with a 5 min of meditation before sharing your stories. At the end of the session, a unique blend of flower remedies will be made for you to cater to assist you in addressing your current layer of emotional blockage that surfaces.


Iris analysis (30 min)

LEye-1-originalPhotographs of both your left and right eyes will be taken using handheld iris scope. This is followed by a quick analysis of your body constitution and dominant iris signs indicating weaknesses of any body part. Recommendation of appropriate remedies, diet, and lifestyles modifications will be made to address any of these weaknesses. A detail Iris Analysis report will be emailed to you with 48 hours.


Hair profile analysis (40 min – includes 15 min of waiting time)

A few strands of hair samples will be collected from the occipital area of your head for analysis. Your unique personal signature waves which is stored in the hair will be digitised using the state-of-the arts Cell Wellbeing Hair Profiler and sent via encrypted channel to Germany for analysis. A turnaround time of 15 minutes is required for a 26-pages report to be generated detailing your current nutritional needs, environmental factors loading, and a uniquely tailored health optimisation plan. A 20 min overview and Q&A of the reports will be provided to assist you in putting the recommended health optimisation plan into action.

Optimise Naturally

Personal consultation is available strictly by appointment only. Please click here for clinic information to make an appointment today!

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