Naturopathy is a unique form of complementary medicine which is defined by its underlying holistic principles rather than any individual modalities or therapies.

The six holistic principles of naturopathy are:

  • Healing power of nature
  • Identify and treat the cause,
  • Treat the whole person,
  • First do no harm,
  • Doctor as teacher, and
  • Prevention

Therefore, a Naturopathic practitioner always seeks to leverage on natural, non-invasive ways to treat the whole person, rather than any isolated part of the body or specific symptoms, as well as assist the patient to improve his/her health through preventive approach.

Naturopathic treatment often combines herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, diet, and lifestyle modifications, together with other supporting modalities such as flower essences, homoeopathy, massage, and so forth. The integration of several modalities and multiple treatment options to suit the unique requirement of each individual case is a definite strength of Naturopathy.


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