Group Session

If you have a group of audience that is interested in any specific topic, we can organise a one to two hours talk or a half-day workshop to cater to your needs. Some of the topics that are of common interest includes the following: forum-645246_960_720

Nutrition and health

Depending on the targeted audience, this topic can cover a general overview of nutrition to specific dietary and nutritional tips for any specific disease. Audience participation and interactive game playing will be incorporated into workshop delivery to enhance overall message and help to promote self-initiative to take control of own health and wellbeing.

Weight control

The objective of the weight control session is to share with the audience relevant and practical tips for weight control while ensuring nutritional balance. Audience will be taught the fundamentals of weight control via simple caloric mathematics; how to make smart food choices; self-empowerment for change; and nutritional approach to support weight control.

Stress management

Stress can be addressed with many techniques and approaches. This session provides the audience with the essential know how to identify the body signs of stress; building the awareness of mental stress through mindfulness techniques; simple and practical techniques of self-relaxation; nutritional approach to stress, aroma therapy for stress, and food choices during stressful period of time.

Essentials oils for health

This is an introductory talk or workshop for the use of essential oils in everyday life. The audience will be showed with a short audio visual presentation of the history and original of essential oils, before enjoying the hands-on application and of different types of essential oils and their unique therapeutic effects and benefits in daily applications.

Meditation appreciation

This is a meditation appreciation session for audience with no prior experience in meditation. The audience given an overview of the benefits of meditation before being guided into performing loving-kindness meditation. Audience participation is essential with sharing of experience encouraged.

If you are interested in any of the above group session, please contact us today.

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