Health is the single most important thing that one has.

“Health is the greatest gift,
contentment the greatest wealth.”
– The Buddha

Sadly, most people has taken their health for granted while busily pursuing material wealth! …. Until they lose it.

Living in a busy city, our bodies are constantly besieged by the toxic environment, poisonous diet, and stressful lifestyle – all which are gradually chewing away our health. Unless we start to be aware of what we are eating, using, and being exposed to, and make conscious effort to do make positive changes, our faith is sealed. We will not be able to escape from the claws of the numerous cronic diseases of affluences: cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, renal failure, etc. Just to name a few.

Awareness is the key!

Over the years I have made some major changes my family’s lifestyle and have seen its tremendous impact to our health. I have also learned about the body’s natural ability to heal, only if one is able to provide it with the right ingredients and conditions. What started as a personal passion has now been grown into a business with a social purpose.

Healthy Living SG

This a website dedicated to promote a healthy way of life in Singapore. It serves as a guide for others to learn to gain and maintain health through diet and lifestyle change. For those who are in need of help to regain their health, I will provide the support through natural medicine and therapies. It is my wish to share what I have learned and with others.

May all beings be well and happy!

Soo Liang, Ooi
Naturopath & Nutritionist

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