Undergoing treatment for breast cancer – What to eat?

Breast cancer is widespread. It accounts for a third of all cancer incidence among women [1]. The survival rate of breast cancer patients has improved these days tremendously with better treatment and early detection. A majority (80% to 90%) of those diagnosed at early stages (stage I and II) continue to live healthy after their initial diagnosis [2]. However, being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing treatment remains a terrible experience!

There is much hope for breast cancer.

As a naturopath, I advise breast cancer patients with a naturopathic approach assisting their treatments. As a caregiver, I have the personal experience to support my wife in her healing journey. As a researcher, I am interested in advances in integrating complementary medicine to conventional cancer treatment. While every patient is different in her healing, a change in dietary practice and lifestyle is always recommended to reduce unwanted side-effects, enhance the immune system, and improve quality of life  [3]. In time, living with a healthier diet and lifestyle also can lead to a better survival rate.

Eat a healthy diet is key to cancer survival.

I have prepared a handout on some recommended changes based on evidence and clinical experience.  I hope this can be a useful resource for breast cancer patients undergoing treatment and post-treatment recovery.

Please download the handout from the following link.

Click below download this handout.

Feel free to post me any question or feedback.  

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