Managing emotional ups and downs with Australian bush flower essences

Humans are basically emotional beings. We experience various feelings at each and every moment of our life, triggered by our subjective perception of our external environment. The feelings lead to conscious mental reactions of anger, grief, excitement, fear, shock, worry, reminiscence, etc. If we are mindful and aware, we will be able to acknowledge the surfacing emotion, allowing the emotion to disperse without reacting to it.

WorryHowever, in our busy and stressful life, most people use their logical mind to suppress these emotional states from being shown to the world. Most of the time, the emotional states that we experienced are subtle, they can easily escape our busy mind.  For example, the sense of worriness towards your current financial status;  the displeasure that you felt with someone’s passing remark; or the envious feeling towards the achievement of the kids next door, etc. Many do not aware that all these hidden and suppressed emotions can affect our health – both mentally and physically. They are silent killers.

Mind and Body Connection

The direct connection between emotion and the body has long been established.

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Many top medical institutions and universities have specialized research in this mind-body connection. The Mind Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School is an example. Emotional imbalances have been linked to physical problems such as general aches / pains (e.g. back pains), digestive stress, lower immunity, sexual problems, Insomnia, as well as chronic diseases, such as heart diseases and cancers [1].

In traditional Chinese medicine, excessive emotions are said to be the root cause of illnesses, as Dr. Lai Chiu-Nam pointed out in her book The Pursuit of Life [2]:

“Anger hurts the liver, grief hurts the lungs, over joyousness hurts the heart, fear hurts the kidneys, worrying and obsessive thinking hurts the spleen. Therefore, if one is able to maintain an equanimous mind, then his/her life force will be calm”

Therefore, by improving our emotional health, we will be able to improve our physical health as well. To achieve this, we can get a little help from the Flower Essences – ancient remedies that heal and balance our emotions.

Flower Essences – A Brief History

The use of flowers for the purpose of healing has a very long history and spanning many cultures. Besides using flowers directly as herbs and distilling the flowers to obtain its essential oils, capturing the energy of the flowers in water for healing purpose is also another ancient healing method. It is known as ‘flower remedy’ or ‘flower essence’.

The Making of Flower Essence
The Making of Flower Essence

Here are a few examples of how flower essences are used in different cultures:

  • Ancient Egyptians believe that the flower remedies can assist one to reach his/her fullest spiritual potential [3];
  • The Australian aboriginals would treat themselves by floating Waratahs in water for a number of hours then drinking the water when they fell ill [4].
  • It is customary for the Chinese to wash themselves in water with flower petals to cleanse themselves from negative energy, especially after a funeral or coming back from the hospital.

The modern pioneer of flower remedies of was Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936), a successful surgeon, bacteriologist, and pathologist, who, in the later years of his career, turned to homeopathic medicine for better, and more holistic way to cure his patients. He gave up his lucrative medical practice and spent the final six years of his life rediscovering the healing properties of flowers and plants in the nature. He subsequently found 38 flower remedies for treating varies emotional states – these are now famously known as the 38 healers in Bach Flower Remedies [5].

Australian Bush Flower Essences

A Wild Waratah - Bush Flower Essence addressing hopelessness and dispair.
A Wild Waratah – Bush Flower Essence addressing hopelessness and dispair.

The 38 healers in Bach Flower Remedies use only flowers found in the UK and European continent. In the 1980s, Ian White, a naturopath and fifth-generation Australian herbalist, began to research into the use of Australian bush flowers to treat the contemporary emotional and issues of our modern times, including learning, sexuality, spirituality, earth changes, as well as basic emotional states such as fear, anger, and grief.

Australian Bush Flower Essences. Image Source:
Australian Bush Flower Essences. Image Source:

He has spent more than 30 years, traveling to various remote part of Australia continent, researching and developing bush flower essences. A total of 69 individual bush flower essences has been developed by Ian White to date. There are also 17 types of combination essences addressing some common emotional issues [6].

How do the bush flower essences work to restore one’s emotional health?

Ian White provides an analogy [7]:

“The essences work in a similar way to meditation in which they not only help to resolve negative beliefs held by one’s subconscious mind, but also make those positive qualities within the inner self come flooding into the conscious mind, allowing one to let go of negative beliefs and emotional blockages and replace them with positive attitudes”

Some Common Everyday Remedies

Personally, I have been using the Australian bush flower essences for more than a year now. I find these essences to be very effective and I have seen amazing results from the use of these essences. In here, I will introduce 5 types of combination essences that are useful in our everyday life: Calm & Clear, Emergency, Woman, Relationship, and Travel.

Calm&ClearThe Calm & Clear combination essence is for those  who are always over committed, find no time for himself/herself, impatience, always rushing, and worrying – the profile of a typical working adult in this stress city of Singapore.

Taking this essence 7 drops under the tongue in the morning will prepare one to better deal with a stressful day; and taking another 7 drops before going to sleep is good to allow one to wind down and truly relax for a good night’s sleep. During the day, it can be taken when stressed. The essence will help one to maintain a calm and clear mind – a prerequisite to address another problem or issue effectively.

Emergency While the Calm & Clear combination essence addresses stress and worry, the Emergency combination essence is an acute remedy that addresses panic, fear and distress. This is a remedy that should be in every first-aid box at home or in the workplace. When facing with an emergency situation, just take 7 drops of this essence immediately and repeat it every 15 to 20 minutes. This is a comforting and fast reacting essence that will help one to alleviate the fear within, and it provides comfort and courage for one to face with the immediate crisis.

I have used emergency essence on several occasions in the last year: it helps me and my wife handle the shock of the sudden passing away of my mother-in-law; it also helps me to overcome my fear when I was suffering from a serious outbreak of Eczema (See my previous post: Recovering From Eczema). After experiencing its effect during these occasions, I am convinced that it works. Therefore, I always keep a bottle of emergency essence handy these days – for emergency use.

WomanDo you know that women are more prone to emotional stress than men? According to a scientific study done in the United States, women are more sensitive to a key stress hormone – even small amounts can send their emotions into a whirl [8]. Not surprising that there is an Australian Bush Flowers Combination essence that is specially designed to cater to the emotional needs of women – the Woman essence. This essence is particularly helpful for women during menstruation and menopause – these are the female life cycle that prone to hormone imbalance, causing mood swings, weary, and physical dislike. The woman essence helps to restore emotional balance. My wife uses the Woman essence in the form of hand and face lotion.
mood swings

RelationshipWe do not live alone and our emotional ups and downs also affect people around us and affect our relationship with others. If you are having a troubled relationship, be it a husband-and-wife, parent-and-child, brother-and-sister relationship or your relationship with your superior, with a co-worker, with friends, etc. You can use the Relationship combination essence to release any trapped negative emotions.  It will help you to improve your relationship with others and bring to the relationship to the next level.

I have seen the amazing result of this essence. My wife managed to clear a lot of childhood disgruntlement with her mother after both of them took this essence for a period of time, they became closer to each other and able to express their feelings better.  This was before my mother-in-law passed away suddenly last year, and my wife was thankful that she managed to patch up her relationship with her mom before her demise.

TravelThe Travel combination essence is the one essence that I always use when I am travelling overseas. This essence is very useful for reducing the impact of travelling. I usually start to take this essence one day before I travel, and on the day I travel, before I board my flight, as well as several times during my flight. I will continue to take this essence after I have landed and into the second day. In this way, I find myself refreshing even after a long flight, and I am able to better focus after arriving in a new time zone. I feel less affected by jet-lag and tiredness developed from the flight.

In here, I only introduce a few of combination essences. Please visit the Australian Bush Flower Essences website at for a full range of the various Australian Bush Flower Essences products.

Where to Get Australian Bush Flower Essences in Singapore?

Unlike in Australia where the Australian Bush Flower Essences can be commonly found, these wonderful essences are still fairly unknown in Singapore. Nonetheless, there is a distributor in Singapore. Here is the contact:

Essential Living SE Asia Pte Ltd,
545 Orchard Road #15-08,
Far East Shopping Centre.
Tel: 6276 1380


Beware that the emotional ups and downs in our daily life will affect our bodies. If not properly addressed, the cumulative effects of stress, anger, grief, worry, etc. will develop into physical illnesses. Therefore, it is important for us to find ways to calm our mind and balance our emotion, i.e. to maintain our emotional health.

Flower essences, in particular the Australian Bush Flower Essences, can be a great help for us to maintain emotional and physical well-being. Calm & Clear, Emergency, Woman, Relationship, and Travel are some useful combination essences for everyday’s emotional needs. Try them out, you will feel the difference!


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